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The Ergo Torch is fun, unique and ergonomically designed to exert minimal strain on the muscles and tendons within the users hand, while keeping comfort at a maximum. The ergonomics of the design is to fit and match the hand in a relaxed state, making for a product that is held without noticing you are holding it! All the way through the design process this consideration over comfort was at the forefront and to aid this the torch is weighted with the batteries in the handle/grip aiding the balance of the product to further enhancing comfort.

Ergo Torch has been designed with ease of manufacture and assembly in mind, with the parts being checked for injection mould ability and fatigue testing. The Shell/Chassis is designed with wire management and part mounting included with no need for additional parts on assembly.

Ergo Torch has been considered by a manufacture, and is open to license with other manufacturers. If you have any questions about the project or would like to enquire about Principal Design working with you on a project please do not hesitate to contact us here.






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