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Principal Design has a new concept in contemporary seating, a range for the home where additional seating is needed for guests and occasional parties, and / or, for use in fashionable city bars and clubs.

The design comes in a six seat set, that when stored fit into a surface area of 60cm square and less than a meter high. The design is expandable if required allowing a second unit to be added in a stacked arrangement, 12 seats fitting into an area 60cm square and less than 2 meters high. The seat is unique in that it does not have to be unfolded or put together to use, so no need for instructions or complicated assembly.

The units are aimed at the young professionals with minimalist taste; those that like to party and entertain guests in a fashionable environment with a unique feel.

The seat is also unique through it various roots for production, with the designer leading with something new by producing a blow moulded seat. The main body of the seat will be blow moulded, with a rubber foot for grip and capping of the moulding to complete the seats form and function, the cap will be injection moulded with a rod that runs inside the mould for further support to the seating surface.

The storage area is flat pack and easy to assemble with a plastic sheet stamped to create the holes needed to store the Party Pegs. This sheet is rolled in assembly to create a tube that is held together with a rubber friction fit assembly that is then placed into a rubber foot for weight and support also held via a friction fit.

If you have any questions about the project or would like to enquire about Principal Design working with you on a project please do not hesitate to contact us here.




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