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Principal Design were asked to produce concept handset to present to Nokia, these were to be rugged handsets for practical workers out in the field.

The handsets were a new concept to allow an employee out in the field to raise alerts back at head office without needing to look at the phone.

To assist the alerts feature Principal Design moved the alerts from software driven to physical buttons on the side of the phone built within the chassis. Leaving the aesthetics of the design to make raising the alerts intuitive, simply squeezing the handset in your hand, inside or out of your pocket.

The concept Principal Design developed helped to lower manufacturing costs by keeping a consistent chassis across the range of key handsets allowing any one of the 3 handsets interfaces to plug into. This system of development allows for a greater range of handsets to be produced while keeping tooling on components to a minimum, this was to allow a greater acceptance for manufactures to adopt the proposition.

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